Place and time for tea and coffee


Today, I will introduce Akasaka Akaneyama Studio , which I am renting and teaching classes  at.


MAP to the studio

Walking distance from ANA INTERCONTINENTAL

The white building in the picture is the hotel, which you can see from the entrance.

The café is on 1st floor and you go down the stairs  just in front before you get to the entrance of the studio.


There is a toilet and a basin to wash hands or face.



Changing rooms are just divided with the black certain  for MEN and WOMEN if you need to change


We have yoga mats so don’t worry about bringing any equipment.



Tea Time in 30mins after English Yoga Class.

Please have a morning coffee here if you have an extra time. It’s free

 This café is one of my favorite cafes in Japan.

I will sometimes order to deliver their coffee since it take 5mins from the café on foot. 

Studying with Manuka latte @Newzealand cafe✨ #NSCA #study #coffee #パーソナルトレーニング #newzealandcafe

Megumi Takeuchiさん(@megumi.takeuchi.instructor)がシェアした投稿 –

That was RAM sand I tried last week when I visited New Zealand café.

I have been missing the RAM sand since I came back from New Zealand last January.

But sorry, I can’t let you try this one…I just recommend.

Inside in “the earl”

Yesterday morning, I bought a different coffee from “the earl” on 1st floor of our building. 

They speak English and their customers speak English too.

I can feel like I am in another country in the café, which I am enjoying so much.


Feel free to visit me anytime.

Just having a coffee is totally fine if you are still thinking.

Thank you for your reading. I look forward to seeing you soon.



It’s not necessary  to book if you would like to join English yoga class on 9:00am~Mondays

Buy still good idea to contact me if you are not familiar to the area so that I can help you come.

Contact me here.