Why not enjoy ZUMBA??



Good morning!  日本語ver.はこちら

I wrote this page much earlier than yesterday.

By the way, have you joined a dancing exercise?

I would join some classes when I worked as a trainer at a gym.
And 8years ago, I have tried the class for the first time in Australia  which seemed and sounded fun  at the gym, which is ZUMBA.


I at first felt embarrassed.

I used to be much shyer when I was in 20’s.

I considered why I was feeling that embarrassed.

Round hips?

Dancing in such a hyper mood?


May be…But

I think because I saw myself in struggling with some difficult movements .

We don’t usually dance in Japan.

It makes it even more difficult, too.

And seeing yourself reflected in the mirror.


OMG! It’s not for my class!!

I understand you might think so.

Once you start thinking like that, you feel isolated and left alone in the class.
But, don’t worry! No one see you in the mirror but themselves.

Why not laugh  after you standout by a big mistake together.


I never correct your movement besides the exception by standing nearby you.

But when you show you are not happy, I don’t leave you until you start smiling.

That’ my job. I want you to have a fun. I would love you to feel

”ZUMBA is fun’


So just think what you like if you think you are struggling with a dance.

I like this music! I like this movement! I like this instructor! I like ZUMBA!

If only you don’t get any “like”, then let’s look for an another class.


Zumba makes you feel hilarious in south American character.

Let’s change your body as well as your mind with ZUMBA!!


See you tomorrow!!


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