Hi. I’m Megumi


Thank you for visiting my website.
I loved living in New Zealand and Australia for one year each in my 20’s.

I love doing exersise overseas but I found out the way you live is more important than just doing exercise for your health.


I would like to create a place where poeple enjoy exercise as well as relaxed time besides yoga.

If you have time after the class, feel free to have a free morning coffee.


In my English yoga, I introduce some easy exercises and focus on HOW you feel. You don’t need any technical skill.Take it easy to join us.


English Yoga
9:00~10:00am on Mondays(closed on public holiday)

Activate your week through your mind and body by Monday yoga class.
Don’t worry about your Japanese skill.
almost all in English.

If you want to learn Japanese through a class,you can also join the next class,which is THEほぐし~BeautySelfCare~ in Japanese.